$715.00/person (including meals, accomodation)
$775.00/person (including meals, accomodation in private cabin)
$479.00/person (including meals, no accommodation)
$399.00/person (only course)
(6-12 participants)

Successful participants certified for provincial trapping license

A 4 day course held at Lone Pine Ranch/Chip Lake facility

    2018 Course Dates

  • December 7 - 9
  • More coming soon, contact us for more details.

(minimum 6 participants)

Learn the secrets of professional skinning and fur handling that will increase the quality and speed of your fur handling. It is a 2 day course with professional certified instructor at Lone Pine Ranch/Chip Lake facility

We provide all furbearers for skinning and processing; Please DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN ANIMALS TO SKIN

Advanced Professional Trapping Course
(4-6 participants)

An intensive 5 day program taught by expert instructors at the Lone Pine Ranch/Chip Lake facility. Participants must currently hold a valid Alberta Trapping License or successfully completed the Standard Trapping Course. Participants will be engaged in multiple skills on a working RFMA. Proper cold weather clothing and gear is key to learning and enjoyment.

    Course Dates

  • Coming Soon, contact us for more details.

Course Program

    1. Pre-season planning

  • Pre- season set preparation
  • Lure making
  • Mapping and record keeping
  • 2. Equipment Preparation

  • Trapping equipment and accessories, adjustment and preparation
  • Snare construction and preparation
  • 3. Humane Trapping Techniques

  • Trap selection
  • Species Targeting
  • Advanced Set Making Techniques
  • Humane Dispatch
  • 4. Trap Line and Furbearer Mgmt.

  • Furbearer Biology
  • Habitat assessment
  • Furbearer Activity Identification
  • Furbearer Population Assessment
  • Trap Line Setup and Trail Development
  • 5. Fur Handling

  • Skinning and Fleshing Techniques
  • Stretching and Drying
  • Equipment Selection
  • Sales and Marketing
  • 6. Trap Line Safety

  • Hazard Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Emergency Survival
  • Safety equipment
  • Workshops:

Full accommodations, meals, and equipment provided

Let Bushman Inc come to you!

Bushman Inc. will send a qualified instructor with the necessary course materials to a suitable venue anywhere, as long as the minimum participant requirements are met and travel accommodations expenses are included.

Contact Bill Abercrombie at bill@bushman-inc.ca for more information.

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